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Black Mirror Discussion Project

Work and Wealth

The grain device has a large impact on people’s professional lives. It allows for employers to easily screen candidates and monitor their employees. As part of Liam’s work appraisal it is expected that his superiors will review his memories from the past quarter to assess whether he is fit to work at the firm. His superiors even ask Liam whether they will find anything questionable, or whether there were any major deletions in his memories. Liam replies that his memories are within the permitted parameters. It seems that this level of monitoring by employers is accepted by society, or at least within certain professions. This blurs the line between people’s professional and personal lives. People have to be careful with what they do outside of work, as employers will use their memories to assess their suitibility for work. This would likely create problems for society. Many people would probably be considered unfit for work. People who made mistakes in their past might be overlooked for jobs, because hiring them would be considered riskier. People who are undisciplined or have certain faults would have a much more difficult time hiding it from employers. If they deleted their memories that would also be seen as suspicious behavior. People who do not have a grain device might also be discriminated against. Employers would have a more difficult time trusting someone they could not monitor as closely. The end result is there could be a significant portion of society considered unfit for work, and struggling to make a living.

Work appraisal